It is my pleasure to write this review and recognize the exceptional service I received from Echo Hearing Systems in Upper St. Clair when I visited the facility on September 14th 2022. My first impression was the super friendly-welcoming staff and relaxing atmosphere. Debbie, the Receptionist, was courteous and helpful as I filled out the paperwork. Etor, the Practitioner, was poised, knowledgeable and very professional! She treated me with a lot of respect as she explained the procedure to me and I felt at ease with her. My overall experience there was absolutely amazing!
Josephine Prize, on Google
I think it's Deborah at the desk was very nice. Greeted me right away and explained the paperwork. Etor who took care of me, was also very friendly. She was thorough about asking me about my hearing history. I was there for new ear molds which she made for me, despite my small ear canals. She asked me if i was interested in new hearing aids, but wasn't pushy about it. Breath of fresh air! Very happy with everything they did for me. I plan on using them in the future.
E G, on Google
I went to Echo Hearing and the service was excellent. Etor explained everything so completely from the anatomy of our ears to the tests she was performing. She made sure I was comfortable in the little testing room and then explained fully what her tests showed. She helped me pick out hearing aids and I will be returning to get them. I would definitely recommend Echo and actually made an appointment to take my husband to also get tested. Thank you Etor and Echo Hearing!
Cheryl Bowman, on Google
Outstanding customer experience from start to finish! I was very impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism exhibited by Etor. She makes you feel very comfortable while guiding you to the best solution to fit your needs. I recommend Echo Hearing Systems to anyone that is looking for a place that truly cares about helping others.
Agbesi Akpedonu, on Google
After being told a few times that I may be experiencing hearing loss, I went for my consultation on 2/3/23. Etor was kind, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable talking about my hearing loss. It’s something I’ve been a little embarrassed about and finding someone I could discuss it with without being judged was very much appreciated. She asked really good questions (they made me wonder how long I’d actually been having problems without realizing it), ran the tests (nothing painful at all) and she revealed my results to me right then and there. She even showed me a diagram of the ear and how it works, along with seeing the inside of my ear! I appreciated her keeping an on-time schedule for the appointment and her willingness to answer all my questions! I will be back!
Dominique Johnson, on Google

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