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Very nice, professional people are there. I never have to wait. They always check my ears and ask if they're any problems. They always ask to check the hearing aids. I have never had any problems!
Lorraine Bell, on Google
I am very pleased with Erin from Echo Hearing Aids. She has worked for quite a while, making sure that I was (more than) satisfied with the aids. I had tried one kind and they didn't work out and she switched me to another kind and they are working wonderfully well. Erin is very professional but is also so pleasant and easy to work with. I highly recommend Echo and particularly Erin.
Lynne Johnson, on Google
My girlfriend needed to get hearing aids; however, she was hesitant because she had tried several aids before, but they always ended up unused in a drawer. Her view on hearing aids completely changed when she got her first pair of aids from Echo Hearing. After many years of successful use, she decided that she wanted to get a new pair while her old ones were still working (so that they could be used as spares if ever needed). She went to several places to compare prices, etc. In the end, she decided to return to Echo Hearing for her next pair of aids. She decided to get more than one pair of hearing aids from Echo Hearing for several reasons. First, the price for both sets of aids was competitive. Second, she has been to Echo Hearing many times for cleanings, adjustments, etc., but she has never had to pay an additional fee for those visits. Third, the hearing instrument specialist has been wonderful, really taking the time to make sure that the aids were the right “fit” for her – both physically and the settings that allowed the aids to work the best for her needs. For those considering the purchase of hearing aids, the cost of the aids is only the beginning. It is also a good idea to consider any additional charges for adjustments, repairs, etc., as well as how willing the company is to making the aids helpful for your situation. In my girlfriend’s case, Echo Hearing was the right choice.
Wilfred Henry, on Google

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